The one and only boat for the cottage

Marino Junior is a rowing boat based on the design of traditional rowing boats from the Finnish archipelago. It’s lightweight and easy to row. Depending on your choice, a versatile transom means you can equip it with an electrical or combustion engine.

Due to the high side rails and the clinker-built hull, the boat is rigid and steady. The sturdy wooden keel protects the hull from being damaged when beaching on different types of shorelines and gives the boat good directional stability when rowing.

Marino Junior has specially made rounded sides on its hull which give you a better grip and make it easy to pull the boat ashore.
The rounded sides are also good when fishing with nets because the net doesn’t get stuck on the sides of the boat. Under the middle seat, there is a lockable compartment which can be used, for example, as a fish box.

The very practical side shelves offer enough space for fishing rods and oars. There is also a special place for worm jars.

Marino Junior is hand laminated which ensures a long life for the boat.

Color options

Marino Junior comes in four different colors: red, blue, yellow and black. The color of the hatch cover and the text on the sides can also be chosen.

Technical data

Length 4.0 m
Beam 1.5 m
Weight approx. 90 kg (without engine)
Capacity max 3 persons / 266 kg including engine
Construction Hand-laid with fiberglass mats
Engine power range 2 – 6 hp (short rigg 15”)
Approval type CE-approved, module B and F, category ”D”
  • Price without engine
    • Oars 8’
    • Rowlocks and sockets in the middle
    • Option for fish corf under middle seat
    • Cleats (fastening) bow and back
    • Drain plug for floating pontoons
    • Siderails/shelves for fishing rods or oars
    • Keel, wooden, protects the hull
    • Rail, works as grab handle around the boat
    • Space for fuel tank
    • Grab handles for lifting the boat in the stern
    • Stowage with lock
    • Trailer hook
    • Drain plug
    • Grab handle in the bow
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