It doesn’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got a Swing

Marino Swing is a pulpit boat with the same v-angle bottom as the Marino Mustang. It has a power range of 15 – 40 hp and it can do approximately 25 knots with a 20 hp motor. It planes smoothly with just a 6 hp motor – the Swing is fast and economical.

The hand laminated hull is exceptionally strong and light. The boat weighs only 180 kg. A very practical, matte inner surface helps withstand wear. There are also two storage spaces with locks, as well as long shelves for storing things like fishing rods and oars.

With over 200 RAL colors to choose from, you can select your favorite color for the deck.

The shape of the hull and the deep v-angle bottom (22°) makes the boat ride with a Marino Swing dry and smooth even in rougher seas.

The speed of the boat is about 25 knots with a 20 hp engine.
It planes with just a 6 hp motor, proving that the boat is fast, economical and easy to drive.

Technical data

Length 4.3 m
Beam 1.7 m
Weight approx. 180 kg (without engine)
Capacity 4 persons / 512 kg with engine
Construction Hand-laid with fiberglass mats
V-angle bottom 22°
Engine power range 15 – 40 hp (long rig 20”)
Speed approx. 13 – 34 knots
Approval type CE approval, module B, Det Norske Veritas, category “C”
Cable steering 2.75 m
Control cable 2.10 m
Consumption at cruising speed approx.  (with 2 persons) 20 hp 4 l/h (0.2 – 0.4 l/ nautical miles) 13 – 20 knots
30 hp 6 l/h (0.3 – 0.4 l/ nautical miles) 13 – 26 knots
40 hp 8 l/h (0.4 – 0.5 l/ nautical miles) 15 – 28 knots
Top speed approx. 20 hp    25 knots
30 hp    32 knots
40 hp    34 knots
Fuel tank, volume 12-25 l (engine fuel tank)