Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is important for us.

We need your personal information for the following purposes: to agree with you about the deal, to deliver to you the products and services you have ordered, to communicate with you about both new and current products, and of course for invoicing purposes.

We collect the following personal data in our customer register: name, delivery addresses, invoicing address, phone number, email address, boat and engine serial numbers and boat registration number. In the context of a boat order we also need your person ID in case you want us to take care of boat registration or help with arranging the insurance or financing. The name and contact information we usually get directly from you in the context of a meeting (for example, at a boat show), through Marino web pages, by email or by phone. When giving us the personal information you have the option to give us a specific permission to contact you through electronic channels.

The engine supplier for the boat you have bought will need your name and address information plus the engine serial number for the engine warranty processing, so we will supply that information to the engine supplier. If you want us to take care of the registration for the boat, we have to supply your name and address information, your person ID and the boat and engine serial numbers to our registration service partner who will deliver them onwards to registration authority (Trafi). The service partner has been authorized by Trafi. If you prefer to use our help to get insurance or financing for the boat, we will forward your information to the relevant insurance or financing companies. Otherwise we will not give your information to anybody.

We will diligently keep your information in our own computers, in the accounting service and in the email service. Additionally, some information (for example, boat maintenance history) is stored on paper in physical archive folders. The data is only accessible to our own personnel and to our accounting bureau for accounting purposes.

Our own computers and other data repositories reside in safe locked premises. The information systems are protected by data security software and regularly changed passwords. The external cloud services we use are securely provided by well-known and trusted suppliers. If we would face a data breach in spite of all security measures taken, we will immediately contact the relevant authorities as required by GDPR.

Please note that if you communicate with us using the Marino Facebook page (@Marinoofficial) or Facebook Messenger service, you are also dealing with Facebook and Marino is not responsible for the information you give to Facebook.

In boat trade, agreeing about a deal often takes time, so we will keep your personal information for 24 months starting from the date when you first contacted us. Likewise, we will keep your information for 24 months from the termination of a boat storage or maintenance contract. If you have opted to give us a permission to send you marketing material, we will keep your personal information until you cancel such permission. Please note that in case some of your personal information is part of accounting data, we are obliged by the accounting law to keep them for six years.

Boats – especially those manufactured by Marino – are durable products with a long lifecycle, and we want to take good care of our valued customers. If you have bought a boat from us, we will keep information about you and your boat for 60 years. This way we can make sure that in all situations, we can ensure that your boat can be up to date regarding new boating and safety requirements.

If you want to see what personal information we have about you, or use other rights given by the GDPR for data rectification, deletion or restriction of use, please contact us by email: .