A Finnish masterpiece that respects Finnish craftsmanship

Marino Mustang was designed over 50 years ago, and when it’s this good, why change it! To make sure we stay true to the original, we still laminate every Mustang by hand.
Marino Mustang is one of the oldest boat models still manufactured by the same company.

Thanks to the sharp bow and the 22° deep v bottom, it cuts through the waves making your journey smooth and dry.
The boat weighs approximately 230 kg and is therefore economical, easy to use and smooth to drive. The engine’s power range is 15 – 50 hp.

Marino Mustang is very versatile and safe. It is well suited for use as a cottage boat, for commuting, and for water sports. It’s even suitable for short camping trips as two persons can sleep in it. The Mustang is a beautiful classic that honors Finnish craftmanship, it stands the test of time with eye-catching style and design. With over 200 (RAL) colors to choose from, you can select your favorite color for the deck.



Technical data

Length 4.3 m
Beam 1.7 m
Weight approx. 230 kg (without engine)
Capacity 4 persons / 551 kg including engine
Construction Hand-laid with fiberglass mats
V-angle bottom 22°
Engine power range 15 – 50 hp (long rig 20”) (can also be obtained for short rigged engine 15”)
Speed approx. 15 – 35 knots
Approval type CE approval, module B, Det Norske Veritas, category “C”
Consumption at cruising speed approx. (with 2 persons) 20 hp 4 l/h (0.2 – 0.4 l/ nautical miles) 15 – 19 knots
30 hp 6 l/h (0.3 – 0.4 l/ nautical miles) 15 – 24 knots
50 hp 8 l/h (0.3 – 0.6 l/ nautical miles) 15 – 28 knots
Top speed approx. 20 hp    22 knots
30 hp    28 knots
50 hp    35 knots
Fuel tank, volume 12-25 l (engine fuel tank)

The standard cushions on the Mustang have seams in the same color as the deck.

As an extra, you can choose high quality synthetic Flexiteek for the flooring, a perfect alternative to the traditional teak flooring. As standard the floors are covered with white anti-slip carpet.