Our extensive expertise in fiberglass work also enables subcontracting for other fiberglass work. We manufacture fiberglass products for our partners in various different sizes. Through us, you can get individual small parts in fiberglass or large and demanding entities. We manufacture the products both with the customer’s own molds and to the molds we manufacture according to the customer’s designs.​

A wide variety of products can be made from fiberglass. “You can bend the fiberglass in many different shapes from flat plates to round balls and everything in between”, and they can be used in a wide variety of demanding conditions. Fiberglass products are at their best when durability and longevity and sustainable development are required at the same time. Fiberglass is also corrosion free.​

Long-term cooperation guarantees successful subcontracting projects and quality products. Professionalism and experience from the supplier and flexible cooperation between different parties is always required.​

We are also agent of Team Tejbrant products. Team Tejbrant AB is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of street furniture and outdoor furniture. Team Tejbrant supply bus stop equipment, weather shelters, trolley garages, smoking shelters, illuminated advertising units, bicycle parking solutions etc. to municipalities, transport companies, advertising companies and individual companies across Europe. Team Tejbrant has been operating since 1982.​


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If you are interested in subcontracting products​, contact us and we will tell you more.

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